Forest In Transition

What Am I Looking At?

What do you think happened here? Come up with your theory of why this forest died off and is coming back! Though there are a number of dead trees, you can see the forest making its comeback with the new pine growth on the forest floor.

This Forest Tells a Story:

Though we donít know for sure what may have happened here, it is clear that this forest suffered a die off of trees. You can see the dead trees that are still standing as well as the new growth coming in.

  • Could the stream you just crossed haveflooded the area when the Batson wasdammed by the beavers, causing the trees to die from their roots rotting?
  • Could a bug infestation have come and killed many of the trees?
  • Why and how did some of the trees survive, while others died?

It is fun to come up with a theory to tellthe story of the forest in front of you.

There are many dead trees standing in this area, indicating that at one time there was a major stress in this area that took out the existing trees.

White Pine Undergrowth:

As you look at this forestyou can see what kinds of trees were here before, and you can see what new trees are coming in. Imagine what this forest will look like in 20 years once these white pines have started to grow in and the forest floor grows up. This is a unique opportunity to observe a forest while it is in transition.

Red Fox Tracks
Courtesy Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife

What's Next?

Do you think there is a use for these dead trees? See if you can find any evidence of life in this "dead tree forest."